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Switch Multiplier (aka Fan Switching Module)



On July 1 2020, we applied a small increase in our prices.  Switch multipliers will increase from $80.00 (inc GST and shipping) to $83.00 (inc GST and shipping).  We have not needed to increase our prices until now as we have held quite a bit of component stock.  This cost has increased so unfortunately, we have not choice but to make this change

**NOTE...  We're shipping all product Express Shipping for the foreseeable future (at no extra cost) due to Australia Post's poor delivery times.  Even Express Shipping is taking up to a week to make it through.  We appologise for this but Covid-19 has caused massive delays with the domestic distribution network for all logistic vendors.**

Goodwood Electronics has produced a Switch Multiplier that provides the ability to have two independent switches, controlling two independent loads over a single switchwire. Built on proven switch multiplier technology, this product provides a cost effective way to provide two switches on the wall, controlling two separate loads without the need for installing additional wiring.

Housed in a convenient large junction box, the switching multiplier provides large terminals along with cable strain-relief.  The module has been tested and is compliant to AS/NZS3100 as well as having a motor rating of M2 (tested and compliant to AS/NZS 3133:2013 +A1-A2 clause 13.13)

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