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Switch Multiplier



 Goodwood Electronics has produced a Switch Multiplier that provides the ability to have two independent switches, controlling two independent loads over a single switchwire. Built on proven switch multiplier technology, this product provides a cost effective way to provide two switches on the wall, controlling two separate loads without the need for installing additional wiring.

Note that switch multipliers are not compatible with dimmers of any type.  It is a requirement to have an un-switched active at the junction box in the roof for this product to operate.

Housed in a convenient large junction box, the switching multiplier provides large terminals along with cable strain-relief.  The module has been tested and is compliant to AS/NZS3100 as well as having a motor rating of M2 (tested and compliant to AS/NZS 3133:2013 +A1-A2 clause 13.13)

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